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What Are Plug Ins in WordPress

What Are Plug Ins in WordPress

So you want to know what are plug ins in worpress?

Plugins are ways to extend and add to the functionality that already exists in WordPress.

The core of WordPress is designed to be lean and lightweight, to maximize flexibility and minimize code bloat.

Plugins then offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to their specific needs.

Pluging also help you wordpress site in many ways.

There are 1000’s of plugins out there most of us don’t worry about the security of our WordPress website until it’s too late. There are ton’s of wordpress security plugins out there.

Avoiding potential problems until it’s too late is human nature, and that will probably never change – for most people. I’d encourage you to be proactive when it comes to WordPress security.

Spending just a small amount of time planning and preparing can reduce the risk of your website being hacked.

In the post, above with explained what are plug ins, now below we’re going to cover some of the best wordpress security plugins out there and ones you should install.

Wordfence Security

My number 1 security plugin is The Wordfence WordPress security plugin provides free enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

My number 2 security plugin in theAll In One WP Security & Firewall A comprehensive, user-friendly, all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin for your site.

iThemes Security

My number 3 security plugin is iThemes Security it Protects your WordPress site by hiding vital areas of your site, protecting access to important files, preventing brute-force login attempts, detecting changes to your files.

BulletProof Security

My number 4 security plugin is BulletProof Security WordPress Website Security Protection: Firewall Security, Login Security, Database Security… Effective, Reliable and Easy to use.

Sucuri Security

My number 5 security plugin is The Sucuri WordPress Security plugin is a security toolset for security integrity monitoring, malware detection and security hardening.

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