Step 1 - Find a Niche and Product

Your task for today is to find a niche what have an interest in and has hot selling products in them.

To do that follow steps below:

  1. Goto and fill in your details and sign up for a free clickbank account make sure you put in your correct details and not fake ones as this is how you will get paid, in the nickname box pick a username that is related to your niche (example: if your going after the diet niche you could use “dietpro”) once all done agree to terms and then click submit account registration.
  2. You will then do a short clickbank survey, only 30 seconds to complete, once done click submit survey button.
  3. You will then be in your clickbank account and ready to promote some programs, but one last thing you need to do is to confirm your email address, so login to your email address you used to setup your clickbank account and confirm your email address.
  4. Your now ready to start promoting some product log into clickbank account if you are not already logged in and click the marketplace link at the top of the page and in the find product box type a keyword related to your niche (example: if you going after the diet niche you can look for keywords health, loss weight, fat) when you search if products come up we can promote them.
  5. Click on the red promote button on a product, a pop up box will appear, make sure your nickname you created above is in that box and then click the red create button, then copy the top link into note pad as we will need it later, save that document and keep it on your desktop.
  6. Look for at least 3 products with a Gravity above 10, Recurring Billing, Avg % sale 50 to 75%. (below is a diagram of what to look for)clickbank000001