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Step 1 – Find a Niche and Product

Your task for today is to find a niche what have an interest in and has hot selling products in them.

To do that follow steps below:

  1. Goto http://www.onlineworkmate.com/clickbank and fill in your details and sign up for a free clickbank account make sure you put in your correct details and not fake ones as this is how you will get paid, in the nickname box pick a username that is related to your niche (example: if your going after the diet niche you could use “dietpro”) once all done agree to terms and then click submit account registration.
  2. You will then do a short clickbank survey, only 30 seconds to complete, once done click submit survey button.
  3. You will then be in your clickbank account and ready to promote some programs, but one last thing you need to do is to confirm your email address, so login to your email address you used to setup your clickbank account and confirm your email address.
  4. Your now ready to start promoting some product log into clickbank account if you are not already logged in and click the marketplace link at the top of the page and in the find product box type a keyword related to your niche (example: if you going after the diet niche you can look for keywords health, loss weight, fat) when you search if products come up we can promote them.
  5. Click on the red promote button on a product, a pop up box will appear, make sure your nickname you created above is in that box and then click the red create button, then copy the top link into note pad as we will need it later, save that document and keep it on your desktop.
  6. Look for at least 3 products with a Gravity above 10, Recurring Billing, Avg % sale 50 to 75%. (below is a diagram of what to look for)clickbank000001

    Step 2 – Get Email Auto Responder

    Your task for today is to get an email auto responder, create a email campaign and add some emails to your auto responder so you can sell your items.

    To do that follow steps below:

    1. I use 1 email responder and that is http://www.onlineworkmate.com/getresponse they are the well know and are the best online and give you FREE 30 day trail.
    2. Once you have sign up for your chosen email responder above and you are inside your account click link up the top Web Forms > Create New > Select A Template > Click Next Step > Select Custom Thank-You Page – this will be our onetime offer page > Click the Show HTML Tab > Copy all the text into notepad and save the file to desktop.
    3. Next, click the Message at the top of the page then Create Autoresponder, then scroll down the page and click the Create new email link.
    4. Enter any name in the Message name box and your subject name in the Subject box then scroll down and click the Next step button.
    5. Next, Scroll down the page and select Plain Text link on the side and write some information about the products you got the links for in the find a niche section above, if you cant think of anything to write copy a little text from the main sales page of that product and post it into that box and include a link in the post for the product you are promoting, then click the Next step button at the bottom of the page, then click the Save and publish button.
    6. Create at least 3 email post per product you are promoting, following the steps above.

Step 3 – Register A Domain

Your next task is to register a domain.

To do that follow steps below:

  1. Goto http://www.onlineworkmate.com/namecheap and search for a domain (website name) that relates to your niche, so if your niche is weight loss and you are promoting weight loss products a good domain might be (example: www.bestweightlossproducts.com).
  2. Once you have found a domain in namecheap you like click the add button and go through all the steps and order the domain.

Step 4 – Register Hosting

Your task for today is to sign up for web hosting.

To do that follow steps below:

  1. Goto http://www.onlineworkmate.com/hostgator and click the yellwo View Web Hosting Plan button, then click Order Now on the baby plan.
  2. Filling the following details
  • Select I already own this domain and enter your domain you registered in day 3 into the Enter Your Domain Here box.
  • Package Type = Baby
  • Billing Cycle = Choose which every one you want
  • Username = Something you can remember
  • Security Pin = Something you can remember
  • Billing Information = Filling your correct details
  • Payment Information = Choose One
  • Hosting Addons = Untick them if you want as there not really needed, but if you want you can leave them on it’s up to you.
  • Agree to the tems and click the Create Account button

You will then be email your hosting details with name servers and password and website details.

You now need to link your domain to your hosting with your custom name servers.


Click the link above and follow the Setting Custom Nameservers for a Domain Name Registered with Us guide.

Step 5 – Build Your Website

Your task for today is to build your website.

To do that follow steps below:

  1. Login the your website cpanel, you received the details in your email when your signed up with hostgator on day 4, it should be something like www.yourwebsitename.com/cpanel, login with your name and password.
  2. Once logged into your cpanel click on the Fantastico icon, then in the side bar click on WordPress then click on New Installation then filling all your details then click the Install WordPress button.
  3. Once wordpress is finished installing goto www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin and login using your user name and password you just registered.
  4. Once you have logged inside your wordpress site, goto Settings > Permalinks and under Common Settings change it to Post Name then Save Changes.
  5. Now goto Appearance > Themes > Add New > and look for a decent theme.
  6. Next goto Pages > Add New and put a title is the top subject box
  7. In the decription box write a short headline (Example: Grab this FREE report which shows you how to lose weight fast) and change that headline to a Headling 1 under the Format text box and center all the text.
  8. Next under that write how your customer can get the FREE gift (Example: Get your free report by filling in your name and email address below)
  9. You can usually get free reports from the affiliate section of the product you are trying to sell in the backend, or if you know a bit about the niche you are targeting write a 1 or 2 page about the niche.
  10. Next login to your Getresponse account you created in your Step 2 – Get Email Auto Responder task above, once logged in goto Web Forms > Web Form Lists > View Source and scroll down and under were it say Show JavaScript Code select all the code in that box and copy that code then go back to your website and paste this code under your last bit of text you just created above, then update and save changes.

Step 6 – Create An Optin Funnel

Your task for today is to create an optin funnel.

An optin funnel is basically were your customer puts in there email to get your free gift then they will be redirect to a one time offer page before they get they get there free gift were you can sell them a product related to your free gift for a huge discount price..

To do that follow steps below:

  1. Goto http://onlineworkmate.com/mrrproducts and search for products and buy a product which relates to the product you found in step 1 when you found your clickbank products at the start which you can resell on to your list of customers.
  2. After you have your products, next login to your wordpress website and goto Pages > Add New and create a OTO – One time offer page and also a download page for your one time offer, The products you buy should come with free text and sales page so once you have bought one just copy the images and text from there and upload it to your wordpress site and save.
  3. Now click this link https://www.paypal.com/buttonfactory and create a button and follow the steps below
  • Choose a button type: Buy Now
  • : Put name of the item then OTO
  • Price: Depending on the product or products put a price between $7 to $47

Next click Step 3: Customise advanced features (optional) and do the following

  • Do you want to let your customer change order quantities? NO
  • Can your customer add special instructions in a message to you? YES
  • Need your customer’s postal address? NO
  • Tick the little box were it says Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout then in the box below copy and paste your link to your Download Page not to your OTO – one time offer page, then click Create button.
  • Now scroll down and copy the form code and then go back to your wordpress site and paste it into the bottom of your OTO – one time offer page then save.
  • Then login to your GetResponse account and click Web Forms > Web Forms List > Edit > Next Step, then under were it says Custom Thank-you page paste your OTO – one time offer page link into there and then click Save Web Form.

Step 7 – Drive Traffic To Your Website

Your task for today is to drive some traffic to your website so people can optin to your squeeze page so you can start earning money.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website below are a list of free a paid methods to get traffic to your site.


Video Marketing

Created a video and upload it to video sites







Social Media

Create a profile and page and add you link into your description.




Facebook Ads – Place an ad on the side of facebook

Google Ads – Place an ad on a google search sidebar

Once you have done this task, you have then completed my 7 step course and should have your business up and running.

Congratulations on getting your business up and running, all you need to do everyday is add more message to your auto responder, email your subscribers at least once a week, and answer your subscribers email reply’s if they send you any and also send traffic to your squeeze page site everyday and soon you will start to see the money coming in.

To your success,

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