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My Best Tips For Selling On eBay

I am going to listing below my best tips for selling on eBay and what I have found out and seems to work better for me and will do for you and what you should include in your eBay listing whether it is a buy it now or auction format listing, I will also list some of the best places to sources your products and tools to use on eBay, So lets get started.

  1. Great places to sources products to sell for profit are from carboot sales, jumble sales,  friends and family, items people throw out as they no longer need it, charity shops, wholesalers and drop shippers.
  2. Sometimes it is good to offer Free Shipping in your country just add a little extra to your buy it now prices to cover the shipping cost, but If you selling something on an auction format starting at £0.99 add shipping cost as you don’t wanna be out of pocket and make no money on shipping cost.
  3. I only use buy it now and best offer on all my eBay listings as auctions formats i find don’t work as well for me, but may be different for you, just do some testing.
  4. Pictures are one of the most if not the most important part of your listing so takes decent pictures of your items on a clear background and crop the pictures down if to much blank space around photos.
  5. Titles are really important as well but don’t use to many keywords in your listing titles but do use keywords i use manufacturer, item type, size, and color, Use words or phrases potential buyers might type in as search words or phrase.
  6. If you can be seasonal.  If there’s a holiday coming, recognize it and do sales and/or promotions related to it.
  7. Reply to all messages you receive as every customer could be an eventual buyer.
  8. Not sure on what price to sell your item for, I always go to eBay before I list any item and type my item in the search results and look at completed and sold items to get an idea of what price to list my item.
  9. Make sure your title and description are proofread and spelled correctly as misspelled keywords and description will lead to fewer views and sale, you can always copy text into word and check to spelling.
  10.  There is no denying that feedback is important.  However, don’t let a seller’s few feedback with only a few successful sales or a lot of feedback with a few negatives a year deter you.  All sellers run into that customer who is impossible to please no matter how far they will go to try.
  11. There is much out there about auction timing.  Try hard to have your auctions listed around 7 pm to 10 pm on Sunday for 7-day auction or Thursday for 10-day auction as there both end on Sunday nights when the most people are on eBay bidding o items.
  12. Pick and pack as fast as you can as this is a strong indicator of trust, Also offer same day to 1-day shipping after payment has been received.
  13. According to eBay – Listings with the Free shipping and delivery within 4 days results in up to an 11% increase in sales.
  14. Keep your eBay listing short and sweet no fancy animated gif or huge text, I found that a basic listing with a short description of the benefits of the item and bullet point the features of the item and what the package includes is all you really need in the listing, payment, shipping etc can be added to listing if you want as well but leave that out as already et on eBay when you set the auction up.
  15. A great little tool I always use to check what my profits will be after my eBay listing has sold http://www.feecalculator.eu/en/fee_calculator.php

Hope this has helped you out on your eBay journey, love to hear how you’re getting on just contact us using the contact us link at the top of the page.

All the best,


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