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Items That Sell Well On Ebay Which You May Throw In Bin

We all have items at home that we just throw away as we have not longer use for them or think they are rubbish, but you can actually really sell them and get cash for them on eBay, Below  have made a short list of items that sell well on eBay which you maybe throw out or think are rubbish.

  • Empty perfume bottles (people collect them or use them for home decor)
  • Any kind of craft supply (sewing, Perler beads, scrapbooking)
  • Pantyhose (used for crafts, gardening, computer fan covers)
  • Broken jewelry and watches (people buy them for parts)
  • Empty printer cartridges
  • Lids from pots and pans
  • Unopened cosmetics, razors, batteries
  • Anything new in the package
  • Used trainers and shoes
  • Used Clothing
  • Watch Straps
  • School supplies
  • Broken VHS Players and Electronics

So start looking around your house and stop throwing these items away, There are probably more items that will sell as well just got to find them and try and list them and see if they sell.

All the best on your eBay journey,

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